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When most people hear “vegetable food”, they only think about vegetables and fruit. However, so much more is possible with plants. Not only is vegetable food better for the environment, it also provides many health benefits. For example, a plant-based diet can reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Additionally, it decreases the amount of "bad" cholesterol in your body.

In short

  • Vegetable food is better for the world
  • Vivera responds to this by producing vegetable steaks that are indistinguishable from real steaks!

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Vegetable meat by Vivera

Vivera from Holten in Twente is the first in the world to produce a 100% vegetable steak. The company expects to produce millions of steaks this year. The vegetable steak has been available in Dutch supermarkets since June 2018.


Gert Jan Gombert of Vivera: "It is of great importance that we eat less meat, for our health, animal welfare and our planet. Innovative and high-quality vegetable products can make an important contribution."

The world’s meat consumption

The development of vegetable steaks fit in with the development of healthy and high-quality meat replacement products. Consumers' interest in healthier and more sustainable food is strongly increasing in large parts of Europe. For example, 2/3 of the Dutch no longer eat meat a day or more per week. According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN), the world food consumption will be doubled in 2050 when policies remain unchanged. The production of vegetable food offers considerable advantages as a result of a much lower environmental impact and usage of scarce resources such as agricultural land and water. Check out the facts & figures to see why eating 100% vegetable food is a good idea.

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How to imitate a steak?

"Nobody knew we were working on this steak," says Gertjan Gombert from Vivera. "In secret, we’ve been working on it for a year and a half. And we succeeded! I think we surprised the market with this news. The steak is considered a holy grail in the meat replacement industry, after all." 



Companies like Unilever have been working to create a vegetable steak for years in collaboration with universities. Such a steak should once and for all convince those eating meat to choose more sustainable meat substitutes. Until now, no company in the world succeeded in imitating the structure, juices, blood and taste of the steak. In Holten a team of product developers did succeed. Vivera has been around since 1990 and is one of the top 3 vega providers in the Netherlands. "We have made over 100 versions," says developer Jeroen Boom. "The structure worked out fairly quickly, but the juices and the taste were much more difficult."


Vivera’s focus is now to realise a product assortment that should consist of 100% vegetable products before the end of 2018. Gertjan Gombert also shared the news about his world first vegetable steak at the Dutch radio program “Evers Staat Op” at Radio 538.


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Date: 17 May 2018 |

Source of tekst: Vivera |

Author: Marlou Krakers