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InnoValor in Twente is looking for a marketeer that helps them scale-up ReadID to more large customers, more partners, and into the long tail. 

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ReadID is a B2B software product, in most cases provided as Software-as-a-Service. We sell directly to large customers (e.g., banks, police organizations, government) and work through partners that have to be empowered to integrate and resell ReadID. In addition, we are developing a ReadID version suitable for long-tail users. We serve a global customer base, with the current customers primarily in Northern Europe.

InnoValor is looking for a marketeer that helps us scale-up ReadID to more large customers, more partners, and into the long tail. Given the size and spread of our potential customers, the marketing strategy is “digital first.”

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Your responsibilities include:

  • Focus is on digital marketing for lead generation, and mostly inbound marketing
  • Creating a digital marketing strategy
  • Multichannel coordination: ReadID website, social and interactive
  • Select and coordinate participating in events
  • Coordinate and contribute to marketing materials
  • Safeguard consistent style, in collaboration with InnoValor marketing
  • Website and newsletter editor
  • Social networking channels
  • Contribute to long-tail sales automation


What do we expect?:

  • At least 5 years experience in B2B international marketing for SaaS/software products, with focus on digital
  • Fluent in English, preferably also Dutch
  • Knowledge of SEO & marketing automation support
  • Hands-on mentality
  • Eager to innovate our marketing

Focus is on ReadID, but we expect you to also contribute to the marketing of our advice and other parts of InnoValor, roughly 1 day a week on average.

Bedrijfsprofiel InnoValor

InnoValor is a research-based consultancy and software company. We develop the award-winning and patented mobile identity verification software technology ReadID. ReadID leverages the NFC capability of smartphones to read and verify the RFIP chips that passports and other government-issued identity documents have. ReadID is the first and leading technology worldwide to do this. We have prominent customers including banks (ING, Rabobank, Norwegian DNB bank, de Volksbank), police (including Dutch police) and other governmental organizations (UK Home Office, Dutch CBR). We are looking for colleagues to extend and explore ReadID, contributing to fight identity fraud!

We started InnoValor five-year ago and are a privately-owned scale-up, growing fast. Our main office is in Enschede (Netherlands) and we have a location in Amersfoort. We are ISO27001 certified. Besides our product ReadID, we give advice in the area of digital innovation, focusing on digital agility and digital trust. The strongest growth is in the area of ReadID.

We are looking for future colleagues with a software, cybersecurity or related technology background, as well as colleagues that can bridge technology and business. 

What is ReadID?

ReadID consists of two parts: ReadID MRZ and ReadID NFC. ReadID MRZ makes it possible to scan the so-called Machine Readable Zone of ePassports and similar using our own machine learning-based Optical Character Recognition technology. 

ReadID NFC verifies the authenticity of passports and similar identity documents by reading the RFID chip embedded in these documents using the NFC capability of common Android and iOS smartphones. ReadID can be used in face2face use cases, e.g., by police officers in the street, or online, e.g., for mobile consumer onboarding for banks. ReadID is integrated by our customers in their own apps and backend systems using APIs.

ReadID is available in two versions: client-only and SaaS. Both versions include the ReadID SDK: client-side libraries with an API that enables our customers to build their own app. We host ReadID SaaS as public cloud (primarily AWS). We have a ready-to-use version of ReadID as well, called ReadID Ready, for customers that do not want to develop their own apps. We are strong believers in automation, automated testing, continuous integration and DevOps, and use state-of-the-art technologies for this.


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