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Twente is the startup region of the Netherlands

It is one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial regions of the Netherlands and is called “kennisregio” in Dutch. But what makes Twente so special? Everyone knows by now the success stories of and, which all have their origin in Twente. Innovative companies such as Demcon, Xsens, Thales, TenCate and Sensata also have been “born” in Twente and developed into international companies. You are not only a small gear wheel in a big clockwork but an entrepreneurs inside an enterprise. In Twente, the entrepreneurial spirit is in the DNA.

High-tech breeding place

Every year Twente generates new innovative companies. Therefore, the University of Twente (UT) has developed more than 900 Spin-offs and the Saxion University of Applied Sciences more than 800. Kennispark Twente, on which the UT is located, is also called innovation campus of the Netherlands. On this campus, “De Gallery” can be found, the biggest “breeding place” of the country where entrepreneurs, researchers and students get connected and work cooperatively. The UT has been awarded as “university of the Netherlands with the most entrepreneurial spirit” several times. It belongs to the best universities of the country in the area of valorization: The translation of scientific knowledge for societal and economic use.

Twente is the Start-up region of the Netherlands

Twente is an important actor in Start-up Delta; an organization under the guidance of Neelie Kroes, who connects companies, governments, research institutions and financiers in order to promote The Netherlands as a region where it is desirable to settle down Start-ups. This months, The Netherlands are on the spot as Start-up hub of Europe. From the 24th until the 26th of May events are taking place all over the country in terms of Start-up Fets Europe,  where matchmaking, knowledge and inspiration are in the focus. The aim? To help Start-ups to find the right funding, to attract talents and to close deals. Twente should not, as a specialist in the field of High-tech Systems and Materials, miss this event. During the program of “The Future of Hightech” there is sufficient time to get connected with others. Would you like to participate in this event? Register here for “The Future of Hightech“. under the banner of Start-ups 

In the upcoming weeks, everything will be about Start-ups. Therefore, devotes itself for two months to all these young, surprising and innovative companies. Read success stories of Twente’s Start-ups and Spin-offs, receive tips and tricks from young entrepreneurs and discover mediums to become self-employed as well.