Battery: distributing solar energy

The battery is an important link in the internal energy distribution of the solar car from Twente. The generated energy is stored in the battery and then used for driving the electric, in-wheel motor.

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Faster charging

A battery can store extra energy, which is especially useful when the solar car is parked for the mandatory inspection stops and pit stops. There is a downside as well since the battery adds weight to the car. It, therefore, needs more energy to move forward.

Energy management

The battery, consisting of battery cells, ensures an energy buffer for the solar car. The battery has been assembled by Solar Team Twente and is linked to a Battery Management System that was developed in-house. It ensures optimal energy storage and sophisticated battery management. The battery enables the solar car to continue driving at full speed in the event of unexpected clouds or rain. Extra solar energy can also be stored during the mandatory inspection stops of the World Solar Challenge.

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Battery: distributing solar energy