Another first place for Green Team Twente?

Green Team Twente is ready. Soon they will show the sustainable technologies from Twente to the world. The Shell Eco-marathon in London, the largest sustainability race of Europe, starts today. Green Team Twente will compete with various other European teams, defending their last years’ title. They aim to raise attention for alternative fuels and the fact that they are a full competitor of fossil fuels.

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In short

  • Green Team Twente competes again with their further developed hydrogen car

Global Goal

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The run-up to…

“The past weeks were hectic. During our stressful test phase, the fuel cell and the gearbox of the Aurora one broke. However, by acting quickly and some creativity and support from sponsors we managed to fix both parts. We ran various tests successfully and are now ready to start in London.” 


The team is enthusiastic about starting at the Shell Eco-marathon. The team further developed their previous car, H2∞ (Infinity), resulting in the Aurora One. This car is 10 kilometres per hour faster and can do a staggering 1.000 kilometres with just one litre of fuel. By driving this economically, they contribute to the Global Goals. Continue reading here


About Green Team Twente

The Green Team Twente is a multidisciplinary student team from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. The 22 students from 4 different countries believe to have found an alternative to running-out fossil fuels. They proof this by demonstrating the efficient and sustainable possibilities of driving on hydrogen!

About the Shell Eco-marathon

The Shell Eco-marathon is the largest sustainability race of Europe, challenging students to design, build and test energy efficient cars, pushing technical boundaries. The teams compete with each other by racing in the Mileage Challenge. The winner is the team that can drive the furthest with the least fuel. Follow the team via,  Facebook,  Instagram  or  Twitter.

Date: 5 July 2018 |

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