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Even though getting an accurate determination of the extent of the problem, it is estimated that 1,2 million children are exploited for commercial sex in India alone. The vast majority of children are girls (source: Free a girl).

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In short

  • It is estimated that 1,2 million children are exploited for commercial sex in India alone
  • People from Twente raise money during “Lock me Up – Free a Girl” to free girls from brothels.

Free a Girl frees young girls worldwide who are forced into prostitution. In addition to freeing girls, much effort is put into prevention, tackling impunity, lobbying and advocacy, rehabilitation and reintegration.“Lock me Up – Free a Girl” is part of the Week against Child Prostitution. The aim is to release many more girls from forced prostitution with the support of all the Netherlands.


During the 7th edition of Lock me Up – Free a Girl, booths of 1 by 2 meters were placed at 33 restaurants and companies throughout the Netherlands. People volunteered to lock themselves in the booths for 12 hours. The booths symbolise the ones in Indian brothels.

Proud of Twente

In In Enschede, the fourth year in a row, a booth was placed at Fellini. Led by Nancy Rosberg, €43.500 has been raised after deduction of all auction items. In Almelo, 9 volunteers have raised €27.920 (again after deduction of all auction costs). Led by Rachel Denneboom a booth was placed at Nielz.

Nationwide, Fellini scored second and Nielz fourth, out of a total of 33 booths. Twente can raise over €71.000, united! This enables Free a Girl to free even more girls from human traffickers and brothels. In brothels, the girls are usually hidden and captured in small, locked areas. The goal is to free, provide relief, help to process traumas and above all, ensure a future.

Date: 30 May 2018
Source of tekst: Free a Girl
Audio / video: Free a Girl