RED Engineers Challenge 2017

For the fifth consecutive year, the RED Engineers Challenge is organised by Saxion and the University of Twente, in collaboration with Twente Branding. The idea behind the Challenge is to enthuse primary school-children in grades seven and eight and interest them for Science and Technology in a societal context.   

Similar to the previous edition, this year will also feature an invention contest. The children are challenged to develop a prototype for a product that will make life more easy for people affected by a stroke.

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Client Roessingh Research & Development

To make it even more realistic and exciting for the children, a formal client has been appointed: Roessingh Research and Development (RRD). Roessingh, Center for Rehabilitation, specializes in rehabilitation treatments and therefore also treats people affected by a stroke. RRD develops and designs all kinds of technological applications to support the lives of these patients.

Final round at Roessingh

The grades of the participating schools will be divided into teams. Each team will develop an idea and the team with the ‘best’ solution of the class will present this idea to a jury in the final round at Roessingh on Saturday, June 10th. It is important, with this challenge, that the pupils are stimulated as much as possible in their investigative approach. They should be challenged to come up with solutions for people affected by a stroke in the most creative and innovative way possible and make use of the good cooperation within the team. In addition, on June 10th, the children will also experience themselves what therapies are given in the NovaLab at Roessingh, the virtual reality and robotics areas with the latest technologies for the treatment of patients.

Teacher professionalization

New this Challenge is that the primary school-teachers are also actively engaged in the challenge. During three meetings, they will be given assistance to be able to integrate Investigative & Designing Learning and Science and Technology in their lessons. A future-oriented program within the school is the goals and this event is initiated for that purpose.

About the Challenge

With this initiative, the collaborating parties want to enthuse children to choose a technical career at Saxion or the University of Twente, in future. This is necessary because of the growing demand for highly-skilled technicians in future. The event is organised by   Saxion Programma Bètatechniek, Twente Academy Young and Twente Branding.


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Date: 26 April 2017