Green Dome at Kennispark Twente

The Green Dome ferments organic waste into compost, completely self-sufficient. In addition to producing compost, the Green Dome actually solves a problem. High-rise buildings in particular face many difficulties in properly separating organic waste. This concept makes it possible to simply dump organic waste and thus "give back" to society. One of the initiators of this project is Edward Niemeijer from The Flow of Innovation.

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The Green Dome is equipped with solar panels, sufficient to provide the electricity that is required for the fermentation process. Also, the dome can collect rainwater, since moisture is needed to produce compost. Rainwater collection is the most sustainable way to get this moisture.


Students of the Saxion University of Applied Sciences are at the heart of this project: they fully develop the building process. Saxion has a concrete printer, so it didn’t take long for the idea to emerge to build the Green Dome out of dozens of unique 3d-printed concrete elements.


Studenten van Hogeschool Saxion staan volledig aan de basis van dit project: van A tot Z denken zij het bouwproces verder uit. Saxion heeft een speciale betonprinter, dus het idee was al snel geboren om de Green Dome op te bouwen uit tientallen unieke elementen van 3d-geprint beton.

Good for businesses and residents

The compost that is produced can be used freely by residents and surrounding companies. Additionally, everyone is allowed to dump organic waste. It has already been agreed upon with Twente Milieu that they will deposit part of their collected organic waste. It is expected that this Green Dome meets an urgent need and moreover contributes to the Global Goals and how the Kennispark evolves to want to be in 2030. 


Earth is Calling... Twente: which locations join this initiative, thus contributing to achieving the Global Goals?

Date: 7 November 2018
Source of tekst: Kennispark Twente
Author: Twente Branding
Audio / video: Kennispark Twente

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Green Dome at Kennispark Twente